Belgium in Brief: What Did You Buy In 2020?

Belgium in Brief: What Did You Buy In 2020?

A new study of spending habits in 2020 has shown what people spent their money on in 2020.

Results show that 2020 was the year we collectively went outside very little and forgot how to wear shoes.

But now we’re back in a degree of normality, I’m starting to realise that my decision to prioritise entertainment, food, alcohol and exercise equipment (a meagre concession to self-respect) have left me in a strange situation as the weather turns for the worse.

It turns out that not buying the everyday things you would in a normal year leaves you in the lurch when we return to our old routines.

My boots need replacing, my raincoat has a hole in it, and my wardrobe is a mess of things worn long past their best. Hoodies and shorts are an excellent choice when you don’t leave the house, but a disaster when you have to go beyond the bakers.

That being said, this wasn’t a typical year. I think we all did pretty well.

That doesn’t help me in the rain though.

So, what did you spend your money on?

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What did people buy in 2020? Have a look.

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6. Red Cross to distribute direct payments to flood victims

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