Masks to remain at indoor events over 500 without Covid Safe Ticket: reports

Masks to remain at indoor events over 500 without Covid Safe Ticket: reports
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The Consultative Committee may have decided to increase the maximum number of people allowed to attend events before a Covid Safe Ticket (CST) is required, according to reports in local media.

From 1 October, the number of visitors allowed at events will reportedly be raised, and a CST will then only be required for events with over 500 people (up from 200) indoors and over 750 people (up from 400) outdoors, reports Het Laatste Nieuws, citing confirmation from several sources.

If these thresholds are not met, the event can go ahead without any restrictions: visitors do not have to wear a face mask or keep a distance, and a CST would not be required to enter.

If there are more attendees, however, the organiser can choose: organise the event while adhering to the rules for face masks and social distance, or ask the attendees for a CST.

Additionally, the aim to make vaccination mandatory for everyone working in the healthcare sector is said to have been reconfirmed, reports VTM News, citing federal sources.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo already announced this intention after the previous Consultative Committee, as he said that the Health Ministers would look into the conditions to make it compulsory for that sector.

However, the Consultative Committee is still ongoing, and these reports remain unconfirmed until/unless they are announced by Prime Minister Alexander De Croo at a press conference, which will start at 6:00 PM.

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