Belgium in Brief: What's Your Backstory?

Belgium in Brief: What's Your Backstory?
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Yesterday I was talking about vegetarian restaurants, today it's chocolate, as a new award from French restaurant guide Gault & Millau has named a former financial worker Brussels Chocolatier of the Year.

Ok, it isn't so much the chocolate that caught my attention (enticing though it is), but the drastic career change from a presumably secure and well-paid job to something completely unrelated but about which you are passionate. Here's someone who has taken a private passion and gone after it in a professional capacity.

It's a fantastic backstory, and I'm sure we all have our own personal joys that we confine to the after-hours, second to life's more urgent engagements that put food on the table and a roof over our heads.

It's constantly surprising how people have hidden talents you didn't expect - look no further than the people suggesting recipes yesterday on Twitter. So, what's your thing?

Worked as a barista, so you can bust out a great coffee? Made cocktails through college?

Did some crazy gap year job you still talk about to this day?

Worked as a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, only to nurture those skills at home?

What's your secret passion?

Let @johnstonjules know (or email me

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1. Covid-19: Number of patients in hospital drops below 700

The number of patients currently in hospital as a result of Covid-19 has fallen to 684, after being over 700 since 16 September. Here's more.

2. Former financial worker wins Brussels Chocolatier of the Year

Credit: Gault & Millau/ Vanessa Renard

A former professional in the financial sector has been awarded the title of Brussels Chocolatier of the Year in the Chocolatier 2022 guide, produced by French restaurant guide Gault & Millau. Here's more.

3. Wallonia will ‘clearly’ require Covid Safe Ticket soon, says Health Minister

The Covid Safe Ticket (CST) will “clearly” soon be introduced across certain sectors in Wallonia, confirmed Walloon Health Minister Christie Morreale on Wednesday. Read More.

4. Aldi and Lidl will also stop selling broiler chickens

Grocery chains Aldi and Lidl are the latest to sign the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC), joining Delhaize and Colruyt in a pledge to support better living conditions for the chickens sold in its stores. Read more.

5. Study: 23 harmful pesticides in Belgian bedrooms

Belgian bedrooms can contain as many as 23 different harmful pesticides, according to a study by the action group Velt, which campaigns against the chemicals. Read more.

6. Three Belgian resistance heroes honoured with a statue

Three young men from Brussels who set out in 1943 to rescue a train of deportees headed for Auschwitz – and succeeded spectacularly, are to be honoured with a statue, the Brussels parliament has decided. Read more.

7. Cycling World Championships: Belgium just misses time trial top spot

Wish you understood more about what's happening with cycling in Belgium at the moment? Read more.

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