Antwerp's first garden street officially opens this weekend

Antwerp's first garden street officially opens this weekend
Credit: degroteverbouwing

Antwerp's very first "Garden Street" – which replaces tarmac roads with green spaces – will officially open this weekend.

Situated on Lange Ridderstraat, the permanent change has seen the installation of planting beds, trees, herb and vegetable gardens, small lawns, and climbing plants on the street.

While the road still allows car traffic, it has been adapted to suit the needs of the residents better.

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"Garden Streets Antwerp is part of a broad vision to turn the city into a climate-resilient, high-quality environment. The garden street also promotes social interaction," organisers explained.

"The pilot projects initially served as a testing ground for optimising the various aspects of the garden street and for creating a sustainable support base among residents."

Several such pilots were held in the southern district of Berchem:

Following the pilot, the city decided to change five streets across the districts, working with residents to implement new techniques.

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