Flanders sets age limit for Covid Safe Ticket at 12 years (and 2 months)

Flanders sets age limit for Covid Safe Ticket at 12 years (and 2 months)
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The decree that regulates the precise details for the wider use of the Covid Safe Ticker (CST) was approved in the Flemish Parliament on Friday, requiring it from all children aged 12 years and two months and over.

In Flanders, children will be required to be able to present their CST starting from 12 years old and two months.

While many have remarked that this is a striking age limit, the authorities explained that it has to do with the vaccination age: children under 12 are not (yet) vaccinated in Belgium, and it would be unworkable to constantly have to test all children to take them to an event or a restaurant.

Those two months should give children enough time to get vaccinated. A child who turns 12 today, will have two months to get fully vaccinated, plus two extra weeks before the CST is valid.

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However, some questions have been raised about whether this is enough time, as many children are only invited for their dose shot a few weeks after their twelfth birthday.

As the decree has now been approved, from Monday, the CST will be compulsory for children aged 12 and two months and over to gain access to events, test events and in care institutions such as hospitals and residential care homes, if they require one.

Only from the age of 16 onwards should young people also be able to present a CST in the hospitality industry, fitness centres and nightclubs and discos.

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