Belgium in Brief: Climate Talking Cheat Sheet

Belgium in Brief: Climate Talking Cheat Sheet

Flanders has reached a climate agreement.

So – buzzwords and potential hyperbole aside – what does it change in the short term?

For the full breakdown from now ’til 2030, Lauren Walker has you covered.

For now, let’s have a quick look at some of the changes that could impact you in the coming years.

Know someone buying a house?

Tell them: “Best keep an eye on the energy rating: from 2023, if you buy anything below a D rating you will need to make renovations in the 5 years after you buy to improve energy efficiency.”

Know someone building a house?

Warn them: “Look into hybrid heat pumps, you’ll need them by 2023,” then double down by telling them 2026 will see an end to natural gas connections for new builds.

Friends with a petrolhead?

Tell them: the sales of cars and vans running on petrol or diesel will phase out from 2027, (hopefully) making way for electric vehicles.

Wish you knew more? 

Time to read the details in full.

Did this help? Or did it just land you in a conversation with someone carrying the same notes?

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1. Rapid test at venue entrances is (usually) invalid, says Vandenbroucke

Just undergoing a rapid antigen test at the entrance of a venue that requires a Covid Safe Ticket (CST) to get in is usually not allowed, says the cabinet of Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke. Read more.

2. Belgium ranks poorly for number of female ambassadors

Foreign Affairs minister Sophie Wilmès during the EU-African Union ministerial meeting in Kigali. Credit: Wilmès cabinet.

Belgium is at the bottom of the European ladder when it comes to the number of ambassadors who are women, while gender parity in politics is still 37 years away, a recent study found. Read more.

3. A clear and unequivocal ‘Yes’ from Belgians to taxing the wealthiest

According to a recent survey carried out by the National Centre for Cooperation and Development (CNCD-11.11.11), a majority of Belgians are strongly in favour of taxing the wealthiest more to finance European plans for the benefit of society at large, Le Vif reports. Here’s more.

4. Number of Covid-19 hospitalisations continues to rise

The number of Covid-19 patients in hospitals is soaring in Belgium, however, the number of people testing positive for the coronavirus has once again dropped below 7,000. Read More.

5. All of Belgium now dark red on European travel map

A week after the Brussels-Capital Region and Wallonia, Flanders has now also become darker, giving all of Belgium a dark red colour in the latest update of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)’s map. See more here.

6. Flemish Government reaches long-awaited climate agreement

On Thursday evening, the Flemish Government reached a climate agreement that will target the construction of houses, car emissions and the agricultural sector, following days of debates and discussions. Here’s more.

7. Brussels Airlines scraps flights because of staff shortages due to illness

Brussels Airlines had to cancel five flights over the weekend due to a staff shortage, with those absences largely related to illness and quarantine. Read more.

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