Armistice Day: What’s open in Belgium?

Armistice Day: What’s open in Belgium?
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Many employees are off work on Armistice Day (11 November), one of several bank holidays throughout the month in Belgium. For those of you just setting out, here’s what’s open today. 

As always, this guide is based on publicly available information, so always best to check with your local store/shop ahead of time. 

Public Services

Communes, Administrative Centres and liaison offices will be closed for the day, with some taking the day after too. 

Post offices and the majority of banks will remain closed.

There will be no delivery of letters, packages or newspapers.


Public markets will go ahead as usual.

Albert heijn, Lidl, Makro and Colruyt will be on the whole closed. Some stores, including Belgium’s first Albert Heijn XL in Mechelen, will be open. 

MatchDelhaize & Carrefour: some will be open – check the links provided to search for the store you want to go to. While there is a better chance they stay open, Proxy Delhaize and Carrefour Market and Express can open and close depending on individual stores, in line with local regulations. 

Local stores can choose to stay open or not.

Ikea is closed, DIY stores closed.

Some stores may choose to stay open, but the majority will not.

Shopping centres 

Wijnegem in Antwerp is closed.

City 2 is closed.

Maasmechelen Village is open.

Hospitality & bars

Many bars and restaurants will be able to be open but this will vary on an individual basis.


Planckendael, Antwerp Zoo and Pairi Daiza will be open.

Amusement park Walibi is closed.

The majority of museums will be closed.

This story will be updated as more information is made available. 

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