Police in Antwerp targeted with fireworks on New Year’s Eve

Police in Antwerp targeted with fireworks on New Year’s Eve
Credit: Belga

Antwerp police had to intervene in several places around the city on New Year’s Eve.

In total, 58 people were arrested, according to Belga News Agency.

Troublemakers threw projectiles at the police and fired fireworks towards them.

Several fires were also set off throughout the city. In the commune of Berchem, modeps, cars and bus shelters were destroyed.

Due to the widespread unrest, Antwerp police said they were unable to check whether all restaurants respected the mandatory closing time of 11 pm.

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“We believe this rule was well respected overall, because there were a lot of people on the streets after 11 pm. These people likely came from establishments that closed their doors on time,” police spokesperson Wouter Bruyns said.

In other parts of Flanders, several incidents also took place on New Year’s Eve. In Ghent, a group of youths fired firework projectiles at police vehicles. Reinforcements were called in and calm was quickly restored.

Emergency services were also called out due to several firework accidents and small fires around the country.

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