Next demonstration against coronavirus measures announced for 30 January

Next demonstration against coronavirus measures announced for 30 January
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A demonstration against the coronavirus measures was already planned for this Sunday (23 January), but the organisation ‘Belgium United For Freedom’ now also announced a new protest one week later, on Sunday 30 January.

The organisation clearly stated that it is not against the measures themselves, but against the way they are being implemented, and also said that it regrets that the Government does not listen to the part of the population that does not want to be vaccinated.

“We now find, after a series of letters to ministers, minister-presidents of the regions and even the King, that we do not receive any reply. In our view, this amounts to a contemptuous attitude,” said Sarkis Simonjan of Belgium United for Freedom on Friday.

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“The next national demonstration on 30 January will focus on calling for the dismissal of the government,” he added. The demonstration will start on Sunday 30 January at the North Station in Brussels and will go to the Atomium. The organisation is also starting a petition to be heard in the Chamber.

This Sunday (23 January), another demonstration against the coronavirus measures will also start from the North station from 11:00, and will march via the Rue Belliard to the Parc de Cinquantenaire where a number of speeches will be held.

A turning point

In the meantime, the latest results from the Corona Motivation Barometer show that support for coronavirus bars and mandatory vaccination is dwindling in Belgium. One reason for a shrinking willingness to comply with current Covid-19 restrictions is the new Omicron variant, which is less pathogenic – especially for those who have been fully vaccinated – despite being more infectious.

The survey carried out between 7 and 17 January among 11,919 participants, including 8,574 vaccinated people, shows motivation to follow coronavirus measures at a low point.

For some of the citizens, the declining motivation and trust in the pursued policy are even turning into outright rejection. When asked about their willingness to participate in a possible protest march against the policy, 60% of the unvaccinated appear to be considering it, as well as 12% of the vaccinated.

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