CD&V wants Belgium’s EU membership enshrined in the Constitution

CD&V wants Belgium’s EU membership enshrined in the Constitution
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Christen Democratisch en Vlaams (CD&V) Senator Peter Van Rompuy announced on Sunday that his party has submitted to Parliament a bill aimed at enshrining Belgium’s membership of the European Union in the Constitution, Belga News Agency reports.

This would require any supporters of a Brexit-type withdrawal from the Union to obtain a two-thirds majority in Parliament, instead of the simple majority that is now required, the son of the first president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, explained.

Peter Van Rompuy, who is also the head of the CD&V group in the Flemish parliament, pointed out that Europe needs to remain united in the face of today’s huge challenges. “There is the threat of a Russian invasion in Ukraine, the harmful effects of global warming, the increasing migratory pressure,” he said. “We can only face these transnational challenges together.”

“The response to these challenges is not less Europe but more Europe,” he stressed.

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The Flemish Christian Democratic leader noted that Britain “continues to suffer from the harmful effects of Brexit, which are an economic burden on its citizens.”

The senator recalled that the then government had decided in 1951 to have Belgium join the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) and, since then, European treaties have been approved by a broad majority in parliament. However, as things now stand, Belgium could leave the EU with a simple majority vote.

Given the impact such a decision would have on the future of the population, Van Rompuy proposes adding the words “Belgium is a member of the European Union” to Article 34 of the Constitution.

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