Humanitarian aid can now leave Brussels for Ukraine thanks to donors

Humanitarian aid can now leave Brussels for Ukraine thanks to donors
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Trucks loaded with humanitarian aid that had been immobilised for days in Brussels by a lack of financial resources can now leave for Ukraine, Renaissance de la Nation, the organisation that raises funds for the aid effort said on Saturday.

The funding was received following multiple reports in the Belgian media on the shortage of cash at the fundraising non-profit organisation.

A total of 13 trucks loaded with donations for Ukraine had been blocked at the Heysel Plateau, nerve centre of the Ukraine relief effort, because the humanitarian organisation had no money to pay for fuel.

Renaissance de la Nation had said on Thursday that it hoped humanitarian funds would soon be raised to enable it to deliver the goods collected, and this was done in two days. Any extra cash also serves to buy medicines, food and water.

Thus far, 33 trucks have been able to go to Ukraine. Thirteen others had been immobilized and will now be loaded up. They will leave as soon as they obtain the necessary administrative authorisations, according to Joanne Wallet, a volunteer with the organization.

Trucks continue to arrive in large numbers to fill up with food and other goods, while material donations keep coming in, Ms. Wallet explained, but there is now a shortage of medical supplies, especially tourniquets and insulin.

On the other hand, the non-profit has “more than enough” clothing and is looking for Belgian partners – associations, communes etc. – to which it can give the surplus material it has at Palace 11 at Heysel.

Persons wishing to help Renaissance de la Nation can make a donation to Account No. BE05 0689 4463 9375.

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