DéFI rule change limits party presidents to one term

DéFI rule change limits party presidents to one term
Credit: Belga

DéFI adopted new statutes at its congress on Sunday in Wavre, according to Belga News Agency, which reports that the innovations include limiting party presidents to one term only.

Under the new statutes, other office bearers, whether members of the social-liberal party’s executive, permanent committees, provincial federations or local sections, will have four-year terms, instead of three-year ones, with a maximum of two successive terms.

Since the 2019 elections, Défi has been applying a rule prohibiting members from occupying the posts of mayor or councillor and parliamentarian at the same time. That rule is now enshrined in the party’s statutes.

The new statutes further limit the number of remunerated offices a party leader may hold to one, down from two.

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The aim of upgrading the party’s statutes, concluded on Sunday at the end of a one-year process, is simplification and readability, with a focus on making the party’s internal bodies more effective.

According to DéFI, all of the party’s elected officials and leaders as well as grassroots activists, took part in reviewing its founding texts.

Most of the other changes have been implemented in the field of good governance, above all, to making internal bodies and procedures simpler.

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