Belgium in Brief: The Consultative Committee's last waltz?

Belgium in Brief: The Consultative Committee's last waltz?
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Here we go again: after three postponements Belgium's Consultative Committee is back with a bang. Ok, this isn't the return of your favourite band whose show was pushed back on countless occasions, but at the height of the country's Covid crisis, the Consultative Committee was a Friday staple that dominated media channels.

Sure, it inevitably ran late into the evening, prolonging the working week. But with the speculation about rule changes in the run-up, the furore when this was leaked, and the controversy that each new raft of public health measures sparked, the meetings had many of the hallmarks of the Christmas special for the nation's favourite sitcom.

There is almost a reluctance to put it to bed once and for all, with health experts eager to remind us that Covid is not over and we should remain on guard. And though the figures show that Covid is indeed still around, public consensus is that (at least for now) we've had enough of the whole malarkey.

Like a TV network keen to milk a concept for every last drop, Belgium has now copied the GEMS (panel of health experts that advise on public health policy) format but for the economy. But like so many second series, the spin-off has yet to capture public interest.

Many are hoping that today will mark an end to the mask mandate on public transport and obligations will almost certainly become "recommendations". This would be widely supported, not only by a fed-up public but by politicians as well (they're human after all).

But underlying the changes to health measures is a more fundamental question: Will this be the last Consultative Committee? Let @Orlando_tbt know.

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