From e-scooters to e-bikes: Bolt launches shared bicycles in Brussels

From e-scooters to e-bikes: Bolt launches shared bicycles in Brussels
Credit: Bolt

With the city littered with e-scooters, to the disdain of some and the convenience of others, sharing e-bikes seems to be the next step. Mobility platform Bolt has provided Brussels with e-scooters for one year and is now bringing 900 e-bikes to the capital, Bruzz reports.

As with Bolt’s e-scooters, the platform offers users the option to unlock the e-bikes with a QR code in the app and cycle around the city, after which they can park them at any convenient spot excluding the no-parking zones.

The e-bikes can be unlocked for free, after which users pay €0,15 per minute, making them cheaper than the platform's e-scooters that can be unlocked for free and driven around for €0,22 per minute. Like e-scooters, the e-bikes are limited to 25 km/h.

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With electric scooters, electric bicycles, and taxi service, Bolt profiles itself as the most complete mobility player in Belgium. The Estonian company plans to deploy 16,000 electric bicycles across Europe this year.

“We are extremely excited to celebrate our anniversary in Brussels with the launch of our electric shared bikes. Our bikes and scooters are designed to combine functionality and convenience, without compromising on safety,” said Oualid Benhammadi, Country Manager Micro-mobility at Bolt.

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