Flexible jobs becoming increasingly popular

Flexible jobs becoming increasingly popular
Credit: Belga

More and more people working in the hospitality industry or the retail trade in Belgium are opting for flexible jobs, according to National Social Security Office (ONSS) statistics.

The number of people working in hospitality and the retail sector under flexible-job arrangements was 26,312 in 2017-2018. By 2021, it had jumped to 83,707.

Flexible-job status is increasingly popular with those who seek to supplement their monthly earnings, L’Echo and De Tijd reported on Tuesday.

Since 2018, pensioners have also been alowed to join the ‘flexijob’ market. As a result, their number has increased there from 3,453 in 2018 to 11,819 in 2021.

The figures for the year 2022 are provisional and may still change slightly, since an application does not mean the applicant will actually work. Still, these figures show that the flexi-job system is attracting more and more people.

During the second quarter of this year, 103,946 persons applied for such jobs, more than 60,000 of them in the hospitality horeca sector, a 24% increase compared to the end of last year.

“If we compare these figures with the third quarter of 2021, we even observe a 28% increase in just under a year,” notes L’Echo.

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