Palais d'Egmont undergoes second phase of roof renovation

Palais d'Egmont undergoes second phase of roof renovation
Credit: Belga / Hatim Kaghat

The second phase of the roof renovation of the Egmont Palace in Brussels began on 8 August and will last until January 2023, the Régie des Bâtiments, the Federal Government’s property manager in charge of the project, announced Wednesday.

Other works, such as the renewal of the lighting in the inner courtyard, the restoration of the tapestry room and the renewal of the exterior joinery, are also planned for the coming months.

The second phase of the renovation concerns the roof of the Arenberg Hall wing, which is about 1,000 m², for a budget of 943,000 euros.

More specifically, the work will serve to renovate the roof covering, the gutters and the external joinery of the attic.

Consolidation or replacement of the wooden roof structures will also be carried out and all wooden constructions in the attic will be treated against possible insects that could damage the wood.

A first phase, from June 2020 to May 2021, was used to renovate the protocol wing of the Palais. A third and final phase will serve to renovate the south, east and west wings.

This work should start just after the Belgian Presidency of the European Union, which will take place from January 2024 to June 2024.

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In addition to the roof work, the current lighting around the Cour d’Honneur will be replaced by LED lighting in the autumn of 2022.

During the same period, the ceiling painting in the “Salon Louis XIV” will be refreshed.

The Tapestry Room on the first floor of the connecting wing will also be repaired and restored.

The Egmont Palace, “one of the most beautiful buildings in Belgium’s diplomatic heritage” according to the Régie des Bâtiments, has been listed since 2002. It welcomes foreign guests and international conferences.

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