Localised storms forecast as temperatures cool

Localised storms forecast as temperatures cool
Credit: Belga / Jasper Jacobs

Following a long period of drought and another heatwave last week, conditions are due to be markedly cooler and damper in this week with rainfall forecast for most regions in Belgium and intense showers in some areas.

From Monday, clouds and local showers are due across the country with the Royal Metereological Institute (RMI) warning of localised thunder and heavy rain.

"We expect local showers of thundery character that can be quite intense here and there during the day and overnight, with possibly more than 10 mm of precipitation in one hour. This could even see some hail," the RMI wrote on its website. However, in some places, not a drop of rain will fall.

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After months of drought, the ground has become extremely dry with the result that heavy precipitation is not fully absorbed but instead runs off the surface, increasing the chance of flooding.

For this reason, the 1722 phone line for non-emergency fire-service interventions was activated on Sunday. People are advised to be careful when driving or riding as roads can become slippery.

Warm conditions continue

Despite the noticeable drop in temperatures, the week will remain warm, with highs of 25°C forecast. The maxima fluctuate between 22°C at sea to 28°C in the heart of Belgium. The RMI warned that it remains advisable to take the necessary measures to limit the consequences of this period of great heat.

"Drink regularly, dress lightly, monitor your health, eat easily digestible food (and in smaller portions), and keep doors and windows closed to keep out the heat," the RMI recommends. People are also advised to be careful with fire in nature and to provide sufficient shade and drinking water for animals.

Tuesday will start clear and sunny before low pressure over France will bring more and sometimes heavy (thunder) showers from Tuesday night and on Wednesday and Thursday. The maximum temperatures will be between 19 and 27°C, and will drop to around 23 or 24°C in the centre of the country.

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