Government asked to curb supermarket monopoly in Flanders

Government asked to curb supermarket monopoly in Flanders
Credit: Belga., which represents specialised retailers and independent shops, wants the Federal Government to address the current excess of supermarkets in Flanders, which has resulted in declining profit margins for their stores.

While Flanders has an abundance of supermarkets, local stores are becoming more scarce in several smaller villages and municipalities.

As a result, the organisation has advocated for greater store distribution in the region, stating that "people have the right to primary care."

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They are also urging Belgium to press the EU to reconsider the Bolkestein Directive, which prevents member states from opposing the implementation of supermarkets on economic grounds (such as an over-saturation of stores).

Furthermore, has requested that promotions such as 'buy one, get one free' be restricted, as they are used by supermarkets to retain their dominance in the market.

According to the organisation, this has resulted in general deteriorating profit margins throughout the food chain, with many franchises likely to have a negative financial year in 2022.

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