Cultural sector calls for financial aid to combat energy crisis

Cultural sector calls for financial aid to combat energy crisis
The WIELS Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels is set to receive new investment as part of the plans. Credit: BELGA PHOTO CHRISTOPHE KETELS

Faced with the same budget and energy concerns as everywhere else along with wage indexation and inflation, the cultural sector has called on the competent authorities to help them maintain all cultural activities as well as "permanent and artistic employment.”

On Tuesday evening, federations representing the cultural sector pointed to the additional costs that the energy crisis has generated by stating that "creation, employment and access to culture have been threatened."

To this end, the federations have asked that cultural operators be given a similar aid, or at least adapted energy tariffs, to that given recently to SMEs, as "our activity justifies particularly high energy consumption, with heating of performance halls, as well as sound, lighting and ventilation."

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Furthermore, they are calling for this aid to be indexed, especially with regards to employment, and for all support measures that the cultural sector benefited from during the pandemic to be maintained.

On their end, the cultural operators have declared their willingness to participate in energy-saving measures, as long as “support for investments needed for more efficient and less energy-consuming equipment" is provided by the competent authorities.

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