Youth unemployment increases to 25% in Brussels over September

Youth unemployment increases to 25% in Brussels over September
Credit: Belga / Jonas Hamers

Based on figures from Actiris, Brussels youth unemployment rose in September, however, according to the employment agency the increase is not 'alarming' for now.

Brussels had 9,654 unemployed under-25s in September. That is an increase of 3.7% year on year, bringing the youth unemployment rate to 25%. In other words: one in four young people in Brussels, who are available for the labour market, are currently unemployed.

Alarms will not trigger the increase at Actiris for the time being, said spokesman Jan Gatz. After all, a comparison is made with September 2021, when many vacancies became available after the Covid-19 period. Even if a comparison is made with 2019 – i.e. for the pandemic – the figures on youth unemployment are not immediately alarming.

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The numbers are better today than they were then. The current increase may also be the result of the pandemic years 2020 and 2021 when young people chose to continue their studies and only registered as jobseekers this summer.

Total unemployment in Brussels stabilised in September. At the time, the region had 88,086 job seekers, or 0.2% less than a year earlier. This includes 1,200 registered from Ukraine, which was not the case a year ago.

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