Family of far-right suspect killed by police to file complaint

Family of far-right suspect killed by police to file complaint
John Maes, the lawyer representing the family of far-right suspect Yannick V. Credit: Belga / Laurie Dieffembacq

The family of the far-right individual Yannick V, shot dead by police during a raid last week, have announced their intention to file a civil complaint for manslaughter.

In Merksem, Antwerp, police were involved in a shootout with a far-right group, who they suspected of plotting a terrorist attack.

The family of one of the suspects shot dead in the confrontation, Yannick V, is now filing a complaint against the police, as well as criticising the image of him that has been portrayed by the media.

Through a press release written by their lawyer John Maes, they indicated their "hope for an objective and thorough investigation into the true circumstances of his death."

They added that they regretted having "to watch helplessly as the memory of our beloved son and brother is smeared by some people in the media," adding that "he is completely wrongly described as far-right, racist and even as a danger for our society."

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To that end, the statement explained that "Yannick had his own views and ideas and spoke out openly about them, without wanting to hurt or harm anyone." For them, "his violent death as a result of an action by the police incomprehensible to us raises many questions."

Furthermore, the two other suspects arrested in the context during the shootout have been ordered to remain in jail, by a court in Antwerp.

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