Belgian arrested for throwing fireworks at police in Netherlands

Belgian arrested for throwing fireworks at police in Netherlands
Credit: Zeeland politie

Dutch police arrested a 20-year-old Belgian national in the municipality of Rozendaal, in the province of Gelderland, the Netherlands, late in the early hours of Saturday. The man allegedly threw fireworks at police officers and a group of pedestrians in the Nieuwe Markt area of the town.

Several victims of the fireworks attack have complained of hearing loss. One man who was injured was treated by a doctor.

CCTV footage shows the young Belgian pulling fireworks from his jacket pocket, lighting it, and launching it towards police. A short while later, the individual repeated the attack, targeting a group of around 15 local residents.

The police later arrested the suspect, who was found with another firework in his possession.

Two people are pressing charges against the Belgian: one woman who suffered from hearing damage and a man burned by the fireworks.

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