GPs push for an end to the sick bill

GPs push for an end to the sick bill
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Domus Medica, the association of general practitioners, wants the medical certificate for incapacity for work for short absences to be dropped.

The association also wants to get rid of other documents, such as the medical certificates for a nursery or school stating what medication a toddler should take.

All this comes from the report 'GP 2030', which examines what the profession of GPs should look like by 2030. According to the report, the shortage of GPs will only get worse in the coming years. If we want to have easy access to a GP in the future, drastic changes are needed.

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Over the past few months, some 650 GPs have submitted proposals for ways to improve their profession. Besides getting rid of superfluous medical certificates, there should be new training for assistants in a GP practice.

Furthermore, it is now usually better to call the emergency number 1733 on weekends and at night before going to the emergency room or the GP. Finally, an internship with a GP should also become mandatory again, the report read.

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