Supreme Council of Justice closed 364 complaint cases in 2021

Supreme Council of Justice closed 364 complaint cases in 2021

Belgium's Supreme Council of Justice (CSJ - French acronym) closed 364 complaint files, covering a total of 639 grievances, in 2021, according to its annual report, published on Thursday.

The CSJ, which receives and examines complaints about the functioning of the judiciary, had to declare itself incompetent to rule on 467 grievances, nearly three quarters of those examined.

"When a grievance relates to the content of a judgment or a ruling, or to the content of a decision of the public prosecutor’s office, the CSJ does not have jurisdiction,” the Council stated.

Consequently, the CSJ only declared itself competent to deal with 172 grievances, of which 127 were declared unfounded and 45 founded.

Criticism of court decisions was the most frequent grievance, accounting for 35% of cases. This was followed by complaints about the conduct of proceedings (11%), just ahead of complaints against a lawyer, barrister, notary, bailiff, provisional administrator or debt mediator (10%).

In 2020, 139 complaints were registered, of which 36 were declared founded and 103 unfounded.

“It is the task of the CSJ to deal with these grievances, to follow them up and to make recommendations. It has no authority over the courts and public prosecutors’ offices to order them to do one thing or another,” the Supreme Council of Justice explained.

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