Russian Navy conducts computer simulation of hypersonic missile

Russian Navy conducts computer simulation of hypersonic missile
The Admiral Gorshkov frigate on which the test was conducted. Credit: Svetlov Artem/Wikimedia Commons.

The Russian Navy successfully carried out a computer simulation of their new Zircon hypersonic missile over the Atlantic Ocean. While the missile itself was not fired, any potential launch has been deemed to be "virtually unstoppable."

The test was completed by the Admiral Gorshkov warship, with a video released by the Russian defence ministry showing that "the simulation was successful," according to Commander Igor Kromal. Furthermore, the missile's hatch was opened during the test, with the rest simulated on computer screens.

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The Zircon missile is the latest addition to the Russian navy's arsenal, having been commissioned in 2018 to protect them against any other warships. Russia claims that the missile can reach speeds of up to 8,000 to 9,000 km/h while also carrying a nuclear warhead.

The Russian ship "Admiral Gorshkov", on which the test was conducted, is the first to be outfitted with these missiles. It set sail on 4 January in Finnish waters and even passed through the Belgian coast a week later on 11 January.

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