Aeronautics theme park to be built in Deurne

Aeronautics theme park to be built in Deurne
Credit: Belga

Jack Schoepen, son of the founder of the Bobbejaanland amusement park in Kempen, will be able to develop his own theme park, focusing on aeronautics, in Deurne.

The Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works has confirmed that Schoepen is the sole candidate in the running for the reallocation of part of the Deurne Airport lands.

Following a public consultation, he was the only developer to come forward to convert the land into a recreational area. The current plan is to invest €200 million.

The idea is to open an aeronautics theme park called ‘Captain Jack.’ Planned attractions include a parachute jump, climbing room, drone area and virtual reality parachuting. A hotel will even be built in a former Jumbo jet.

Before starting construction, Captain Jack still has to comply with various procedures.

The lease for a 40-year period will be drawn up this month. Schoepen will then need to apply for an environmental permit, and submit a development plan as well as a mobility plan.

Construction is therefore not expected to start before 2024, with the aim of completing the project in 10 years.

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