Election results are ‘worrying,’ says Youth for Climate

Election results are ‘worrying,’ says Youth for Climate

The fact that Youth for Climate’s message was unevenly received across Belgium is a “disappointment,” but also “a cause for concern when we have little time left to begin the necessary transition to a carbon-less society,” the platform emphasised in a press release on Monday evening.

“Our message to make the climate crisis the focus of attention in the political debate, was heard unevenly. The election results in Wallonia and Brussels let us glimpse the possibility of setting up coalitions responsive to questions of climate. This is not the case in Flanders where the winning parties in the elections are not prioritising climate change,” Youth for Climate declared.

The movement nevertheless sees cause for hope at the European level: “the message concerning the urgent need to act on the climate seems to have been heard and is reflected in the election results. It is all the more important that EU institutions retain the very important level of authority they have at the moment to guide and foster the transition and set more ambitious climate objectives.”

The organisation counts on continuing its action, after the exams, to make the climate crisis central to negotiations when forming future governments in Belgium. The recommendations of a group of experts, as well as Youth for Climate’s report, were sent to party leaders.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the United Nations, there were less than 12 years left to avoid irreversible climatic disturbances and limit planetary warming to 1.5 degrees in relation to preindustrial levels.

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