Belgian far-right has a ‘quiet’ meeting with the King

Belgian far-right has a ‘quiet’ meeting with the King
Vlaams Belang leader leaves the meeting. Credit: © Belga

The head of  Vlaams Belang, Tom Van Grieken, was received by the King on Wednesday morning at 10.45 AM.

This is the first time the far-right party has been invited to the Palace as part of the discussions surrounding the formation of a federal government.

The King had already seen the leader of the cdH Maxime Prévot, and MR head Charles Michel.

Van Grieken left the Royal Palace after being received for about twenty minutes by the King. He made little comment at the time, merely pointing out that the interview was “quiet and pleasant”.

“Just the thought of seeing the Vlaams Belang at the Palace sends shivers down my spine, but in view of the democratic outcome in Flanders, no one can blame the King for receiving him,” the Prévot declared on leaving the Palace.

Following Sunday’s vote, Belang finished 2nd in the north of the country with 18.5% of the votes. In 2003, Vlaams Blok had notched up the same number of federal seats but had never been invited by Albert II.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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