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Liege-Brussels railway reopened after body found on tracks

Rail traffic between Antwerp and Brussels is severely disrupted on Thursday morning due to an extensive power cut. © Belga

Rail traffic between Liège and Brussels has resumed, with trains driving at a low speed and only one railway operating, after a body found on the rail tracks halted all trains travelling on the railway line.

At around 9:00 AM, Frédéric Sacré, a spokesperson for railway management company Infrabel confirmed that service had partially resumed after a person was hit by a train in a neighbourhood in Ans, near the city of Liège on Wednesday morning.

The train involved in the accident was evacuated, and had initially remained on the spot, but has now travelled back to Liege, according to Infrabel.

Around 15 trains had to be cancelled due to the accident, and three others were diverted to avoid the affected railway line, which connects Brussels with the city of Liege.

The SNCB said on Twitter that trains were again circulating at very low speeds and using only one railway, and warned that “serious” delays were to be expected, as well as cancellations.

The Liege public prosecutor, contacted at around 7:45 AM about the accident, was informed that a person had been mortally hit by a train.

The public prosecutors announced they will not come to the spot of the accident.

The Brussels Times