Charleroi sets limitations on rental e-scooters, before they are available

Charleroi sets limitations on rental e-scooters, before they are available
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The Walloon city of Charleroi has announced that it will take steps to prepare for the seemingly inevitable arrival of electric scooters for hire on its streets.

Following contact between the authorities and two rental companies, a user charter has been drafted by the city, to set out what can and cannot be done.

The charter defines limited parking areas to prevent these scooters, which are rented via a smartphone application, from invading the public space in an anarchic way, as is sometimes the case in Brussels.

The text will also impose speed limits and a framework for the collection of these scooters, which must be regularly recharged by the operator.

Brussels, on the other hand, continues to consider the wider impact of the explosion of e-scooters on the streets throughout the country

With an estimated 4,000 units now scattered throughout the streets of the Belgian capital, regional mobility authorities are considering creating zones where the unruly parking of e-scooters would be prohibited.

The increased use has also led to a rise in accidents recorded on e-scooters, the majority of which involve traumas to the head and the spine, as well as fractured noses and injuries to the limbs and joints — particularly the knees, wrists and elbows, as previously reported.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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