Belgian family found dead in their Swiss home

Belgian family found dead in their Swiss home
Downtown Apples, a Swiss town near lake Geneva where a Belgian family was found dead in their home. Credit: Google Street View

A Belgian family of three was found dead in their home in the Swiss town of Apples, in what local police are describing as a possible family drama gone bad, Swiss media reported on Tuesday.

The bodies of a Belgian man, a woman, and a thirteen-year-old boy were found by police in their Apples home, near the lake of Geneva, at around 21:45 on Monday after they were tipped off by their neighbour.

"He was worried because he saw no activity in the house for several days," a local police representative told Swiss news agency Keystone-ATS.

Prosecutors were then called to the scene and an investigation has been launched to determine the exact circumstances into the family's deaths.

"At this point in the investigation, there are no indications of a firearm," the spokesperson added.

Local authorities think that the deaths are the result of a "family drama," according to Swiss news site Blick.

"The crime must have happened a few days before the discovery [of the bodies]," Cédric Pittet, a spokesperson for the Vaud police department, told the Swiss outlet, adding that the exact time had not yet been determined.

In a statement, the mayor of Apples said news of the family's deaths had "shaken the community up," particularly the school which the couple's son attended.

Criminal forensics teams, together with local law enforcement authorities are currently leading the investigation into the Belgian family's mysterious death is ongoing.

Gabriela Galindo

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