Plane crash in Flemish-Brabant leaves two people injured

Plane crash in Flemish-Brabant leaves two people injured
The plane after its crash. Credit: Facebook/Nicolas Strauss.

A small plane crashed along the E40 motorway towards Liège, on Wednesday afternoon. Two people have been injured and their current state of health remains unknown, according to Vlaams-Brabant firefighters in a report for RTL.

The plane, designed for tourist purposes, was originally based at the Hesbaye Aero Club, outside of Liège.

The pilot experienced engine problems soon after taking off, and thus had to make an emergency landing on a grassy strip in between the motorway and railway line, according to Belgian media. In doing so the pilot hit several streetlights and the plane crashed in Walshoutem, a suburb of the Vlaams-Brabant town Landen.

As a result of the accident, two lanes have been blocked on the E40 towards Liège. The railway services have not been affected.

Madeleine Fletcher

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