Brussels celebrates World Refugee Day with concert, other events
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    Brussels celebrates World Refugee Day with concert, other events

    Brussels is celebrating World Refugee Day by holding events in Flagey. Credit: Irish Defence Forces/Wikimedia Commons

    To celebrate World Refugee Day on Thursday, Brussels will be hosting events throughout the city.

    In Flagey, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is putting on a concert called ‘Refugees for Refugees.’ The concert features 10 musicians from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Tibet and Belgium. The musicians have started new musical careers in Belgium after being displaced from their home countries, and the concert will feature music from their countries of origin.

    “The concert offers a first-hand experience of how refugees, including experienced musicians who have been trained at some of the most prestigious music academies in the Middle East, can contribute their talent to their new homeland,” according to

    The concert will be held at Studio 4 at 20:15. Tickets start at 10 euro.

    Also in Flagey, UNHCR will be holding an interactive experience to show what it is like to live as a refugee. There will be virtual reality films, simulations of the refugee registration procedure, and photo exhibits. Visitors can also go inside a refugee tent.

    Sam Nelson
    The Brussels Times