Vacation traffic: heavy traffic expected for the weekend

Vacation traffic: heavy traffic expected for the weekend
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Traffic towards the south of Europe and the Belgian coast on the first holiday weekend will be pretty dense, with delays expected as people set off for vacation. 

Touring announces heavy traffic on Friday and Saturday in the south. Sunday circulation will be fluid. 

In Belgium, the bulk of the traffic is expected on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning with queues towards the coast and the Ardennes. Traffic will be dense on Friday on Brussels’ ring road and around Antwerp. 

In France, Friday is red-listed in Île-de-France (very difficult circulation with some bottlenecks). Elsewhere, it will be orange (heavy traffic with infrequent bottlenecks). Saturday is classified orange. 

In Germany and Switzerland, Touring announces heavy traffic with some slowdowns southbound on Friday afternoon and evening and on Saturday (orange). In Switzerland’s Gotthard tunnel, bottlenecks are possible on Friday between noon and 10 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 5 am to 6 pm. 

In Austria, Italy and Spain, the traffic should be dense but fluid (yellow). 

During the entire season, weekend traffic will be very busy as of 6 July, right up to 10 August in the direction of departures. The traffic in the direction of returns will be difficult from mid-July until late August.

Touring indicates two “black” weekends: 2-4 August and 9-11 August for departures and returns. Saturdays 3 and 10 August are also classified black and should be avoided: long queues are to be expected.

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