Half of SNCB trains don't have air conditioning

Half of SNCB trains don't have air conditioning
Credit: ©SNCB

If you're commuting on SNCB trains, there's a good chance your train may not have air conditioning.

According to RTBF, 53% of SNCB trains have air conditioning, and air conditioned cars make two-thirds of  journeys for SNCB.

"Most of them only make two trips a day, during rush hour," Elisa Roux, SNCB spokesperson, told RTBF about the older trains without air conditioning. "This old rolling stock is mainly used as a reinforcement, as an additional train to the basic offer."

RTBF reported that only 7 out of 17 train models have air conditioning and that there was no way to predict which trains would be on which routes.

Sam Nelson

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