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Flanders making progress towards clean transportation goals

The low figures are mostly due to the mediocre popularity of electric cars in Flanders. Credit: Håkan Dahlström/Flickr

Flanders is making progress towards its Clean Power for Transport action plan’s goals, but it may not fulfill them by the deadline.

Under the Flemish government’s Clean Power for Transport action plan, the northern part of Belgium must have 7,400 public vehicle charging points by 2020, and 7.5% percent of newly registered cars must be fully electric.

Flanders currently has just over 3,000 charging points, and the share of all-electric cars is 0.8%, according to New Mobility.

The Flemish action plan also states that every municipality must have at least one charging point, and a fast charging point must be available on major roads every 25 kilometres by 2020.

Flemish Energy Minister Lydia Peeters said that even though the growth was slow, “the acceleration towards electrification has started.”

East Flanders and Antwerp are the provinces with the most charging points, each numbering over one thousand.

Sam Nelson
The Brussels Times