Limburg magistrate arrested for forgery, money laundering

Limburg magistrate arrested for forgery, money laundering
A Tongeren magistrate and a judge were arrested for forgery and money laundering on Tuesday morning. Credit: Google Street View

A substitute attorney for the Tongeren district of Piringen and his partner, a woman who is a judge at the Tongeren court, were arrested in Limburg on Tuesday morning during a search of their home. Both were taken in for questioning, but the judge was eventually released.

The man is suspected of forgery and money laundering, De Standaard reported.

The investigation that led to the arrests started in February. The man, whom Het Nieuwsblad reports is a car enthusiast, is suspected of tampering with the purchase and sale of second-hand and vintage cars.

This case is being handled by the Antwerp Court of Appeal because both suspects are magistrates. The man must appear today before an examining magistrate.

Sam Nelson

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