Sunny weather continues

Sunny weather continues
Credit Belga

Dry and sunny weather with peaks up to 22-24 degrees in the centre and 25 degrees in Belgian Lorraine, is expected on Thursday in Belgium, according to the royal meteorological institute latest forecasts. 

Only a few high clouds will glide over the country from the north. Northeast winds will be generally low. 

Temperatures will be similar to Wednesday, reaching almost 19 degrees at the sea, 21 in the Hautes-Fagnes, between 22 and 24 in the centre, and around 25 degrees in Belgian Lorraine. 

Dry weather will remain all night. After midnight, middle clouds will appear from the north, and some fog may form, mainly in the Westhoek. The temperatures will not drop below 9 degrees in the Ardennes, 13 at the coast. 

On Friday it will remain dry, with beautiful sunny periods.

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