E-scooter expansion in Brussels may lead to new regulations
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    E-scooter expansion in Brussels may lead to new regulations

    The e-scooter market in Brussels has expanded rapidly and may soon face new regulations. Credit: Belga

    The e-scooter market in Brussels is expanding rapidly.

    There are five e-scooter companies operating in Brussels, which means about 5,000 scooters are in the capital. Two new providers will soon join the fray: Uber, which already has its Jump bikes in the city, and a Berlin-based company called Wind, meaning the number of scooters will increase to 7,500, according to New Mobility.

    These companies need a license to operate in Brussels that they can receive for free, and currently there is no limit to how many e-scooter companies may operate in the city.

    The only mobility company based in Brussels is Billy Bike, a bicycle sharing company. It plans to increase its fleet of bikes to 300 this year.

    Compared to other European cities and countries, Brussels has few regulations on e-scooters. The vehicles are banned in the Netherlands, and Paris is increasing its regulations.

    However, Brussels is considering increasing regulations on e-scooters. Providers must apply for a permit, and they must have 50 scooters that run on green energy. Rules on parking are being mulled over, and a fee may be required for a permit in the future.

    Sam Nelson
    The Brussels Times