Compass jellyfish coming to the Belgian coast, officials warn
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Compass jellyfish coming to the Belgian coast, officials warn

Compass jellyfish will be arriving on the Belgian east coast soon. Credit: Manfred Richter/Pixabay

A municipality on the east coast of Belgium is warning beach-goers about the arrival of compass jellyfish to the area.

Knokke-Heist, located in West Flanders, has said that compass jellyfish will soon arrive on the Belgian coast, according to Het Nieuwsblad. Two other types of jellyfish, the blue hair and the ear jellyfish, inhabit the waters near the coast, but neither are as painful as the compass.

Compass jellyfish can cause a burning sensation, itching, and leave marks on the skin. Blisters may develop after coming in contact with them but will disappear in hours.

They can be identified by their brown hat-like brim with brown stripes.

If you are stung by a compass jellyfish, rinse the area with sea water, as fresh water may irritate any nettles on the skin. Remove any visible tentacles with tweezers or a cotton swab. Invisible tentacles can be removed by applying shaving cream to the area and scraping it off with cardboard or a bank card.

Disinfect the area and keep it out of the sun to reduce the risk of scarring.

Call 112 if there is swelling of the lips or face or trouble breathing.

Sam Nelson
The Brussels Times