Tax on soft drinks triples over three years

Tax on soft drinks triples over three years
Credit: Belga

Tax proceeds on soft drinks soared from 55 to 175 million per year in three years, which is more than excise duties on wine, according to reports.

The Belgian state excises taxes on drinks "containing added sugar or other sweeteners" such as Coca-Cola and flavoured waters. 

In 2015, 55 million euros entered the state coffers, and 175 million in 2018: more than from wine sales (172 million) and slightly less than beer (200 million). The level of taxation has tripled in three years. 

In the end, it is the consumer who pays, since the increase in excise duties leads to higher store prices. Which is why Belgians do their shopping abroad. The state has consequently had to renounce a part of its planned revenue, an estimated loss of around twenty million euros. 

However, seeing the loss is still less than 120 million in fresh revenues, higher excise duties are still a profitable business for the state.

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