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    City of Brussels to offer bonus to promote dog sterilisation

    A dog. Credit: Pxhere

    The City of Brussels will soon offer a financial bonus to owners who decide to sterilise their dogs.

    One of the most common methods for sterilising animals is neutering. Animal rights groups and rescue groups encourage pet owners to neuter their pets so that animal shelters and rescue centres are not overpopulated with unwanted animals.

    Coming into effect in January 2020, owners will receive €150 for sterilising female dogs and €100 for sterilising male dogs.

    The bonus covers the cost of the sterilisation operation, reports Bx1.

    The City of Brussels already grants a bonus if owners sterilise their domestic cats “in the context of animal welfare in an urban environment,” explains the City of Brussels website.

    “I do not understand why we push to sterilise cats but not dogs. This is a service rendered to the animal,” said Zoubida Jellab, alderman of Animal Welfare in the City of Brussels.

    Evie McCullough
    The Brussels Times