Anderlecht uses boulders to protect pedestrians in complex road junction

Anderlecht uses boulders to protect pedestrians in complex road junction
Residents have been calling on authorities to make a complex road junction in Anderlecht safer. Credit: Google Street View

A huge boulder was placed in the middle of the road in a Brussels municipality to keep cars from driving through a complex road junction as authorities seek ways to make it safer for pedestrians.

The junction, located in the municipality of Anderlecht between the city hall and the Gare du Midi, has been the object of complaints by residents, who deem it dangerous.

Linking together Rue de l'Instruction with Rue Brogniez, the intersection has a total of five pedestrian crossings, two of which are located in or just after a turn, according to Bruzz.

In April, an incident in which a woman was run over by a car as she was crossing on zebra crossing saw local officials pledge to hold talks with police in an effort to make the area safer for pedestrians.

Large boulders, together with bollards, have been placed in the road in what authorities said was "effective action" taken against the issue of pedestrian safety.

"In this way, we provide better road safety and peace to the neighbourhood," municipal alderwoman for mobility, Susanne Mueller-Huebsch, said.

The boulders block cars driving from the western part of Rue de l'Instruction from turning into Rue Brogniez, and the turnaround on Rue de la Révision, placed just before the intersection is also closed down to vehicles.

Gabriela Galindo

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