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Climate change is bringing new bee species to Belgium

Credit: Wikicommons

The bee species present in Flanders are changing as a result of global warming, according to several observations from nature conservation association Natuurpunt.

The violet carpenter bee and great banded furrow-bee, that usually live in the South of Europe, are on the rise in Flanders, reports Het Nieuwsblad.

Until recently, both species were rather rare in Western Europe. The violet carpenter bee was noticed in the region around Kortrijk and the great banded furrow-bee was spotted several times in the Southeast of Flanders. Especially during the last two years, which both had extremely warm summers, the area in which the bees are located has become a lot bigger, reports De Morgen.

The great banded furrow-bee has been observed in the provinces of Antwerp, East-Flanders and West-Flanders recently.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times