UK to melt thousands of commemorative Brexit coins dated 31 October

UK to melt thousands of commemorative Brexit coins dated 31 October
Thousands of commemorative coins had already been minted. Credit: The Royal Mint

Thousands of commemorative 50 pence coins with the 31 October Brexit date on it will have to be melted down again, as the UK's exit from the EU has been delayed by a further three months.

The British government wanted up to 10 million commemorative coins to be minted with Prime Minister Johnson's "do or die" Brexit date of 31 October. However, that deadline has not been met.

The Royal Mint had already minted thousands of coins, according to press agency Bloomberg. They would then be put into circulation immediately, once the UK would have left the EU by the end of October.

Her Majesty's Treasury said it would not comment on the cost of producing the coins as it would be "commercially sensitive information," reports BBC.

However, the production of the coins was stopped last week as it became clear that the 31 October date would not be met. All coins that had been minted will now be melted again. Parts of the metals used in the coins will be recycled, so new products can be made from them and not everything goes to waste.

The plan to issue commemorative coins nevertheless stands, if Brexit is ever a fact, according to a spokesperson from the Treasury, reports VRT NWS. The coin will then "enter circulation after we have left," they added.

Maïthé Chini

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