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One of Europe’s most wanted fugitives arrested

The wanted fugitive was arrested on Sunday in a luxury club in Puerto Banús marina in Marbella, Spain. Credit: eDomo/Flickr.

The Spanish Interior Ministry confirmed on Tuesday that one of Luxembourg’s most wanted fugitives was arrested on Sunday with the help of authorities from both Belgium and Luxembourg.

In addition to being wanted by Luxembourgish authorities, the male fugitive was on Europol’s ‘Most Wanted in Europe’ list for his participation in a group attempt to rob the headquarters of a convoy company in Luxembourg city on the night of 2 to 3 April 2013.

Five to seven men used explosives to open the doors of the convoy company but did not reach the bunker where the funds were kept, according to the statement by the Spanish Interior Ministry, reports Le Soir.

The group of men escaped, despite being pursued by the Luxembourgish police.

The fugitive faces a potential 22-year prison sentence from Luxembourg authorities.

Made aware by the Belgian and Luxembourgish authorities of the presence of the fugitive on the Mediterranean coast, the Spanish police arrested the man on Sunday at around 7:00 AM in a luxury club located in the Puerto Banús marina, southwest of Marbella.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times