Youth activists stage ‘die-in’ at European Commission

Youth activists stage ‘die-in’ at European Commission
Around 40 youth activists played dead on the floor of the European Commission on Wednesday in protest against the lack of climate action by Europe's politicians. Credit: Youth for Climate/Facebook.

Dozens of youth activists participated in a ‘die-in’ on Wednesday morning outside a conference room inside the European Commission.

Organised by Youth for Climate in collaboration with WeMoveEU, a movement which campaigns for improvements on environmental sustainability in the EU, amongst other things, the ‘die-in’ saw around 40 youth climate activists play dead on the floor.

Using the hashtag #VoteForMyFuture, amongst others, the youth activists are calling on EU politicians to take stronger climate action.

The die-in was staged outside conference rooms in which discussions on renewable energy initiatives will take place on Tuesday.

“We are fed up with the Green bullshit,” Jada Kennedy of Youth For Climate told Bruzz.

“We come together as young people from different European countries to show that too little is being invested in a real Green Deal. What is on the table now shows a lack of ambition, [lack of] resources and [lack of a] guarantee for a fully-fledged social transition,” Kennedy added.

It is the first die-in protest in the history of the European Parliament, according to a tweet posted by WeMoveEU.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times

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