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In photos: why are Belgian statues holding frites?

In no other comic strip is the culture of the chip shop so extensively discussed as in Marc Sleen's Nero. Credit: weekvandefriet

While it might not be a well-known occasion outside of Belgium, the last week of November 2019 has a special significance within the country.

It’s the week in which the country celebrates frites. 

Now in its 20th year, the week aims to pay homage to frites as one of Belgium’s most famous cultural and gastronomic outputs. In order to mark the occasion, one Flemish organisation is taking the opportunity to promote not just the potato snack, but the place to get them – the frituur, the friterie, or the frites shop.  

“Our national pride: the freshly baked, delicious golden-yellow fries from the frituur,” explained the Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board (VLAM) in a statement celebrating the week.

“During this twentieth edition of the Week of French Fries, our culinary heritage will once again be put in the spotlight. In five cities, famous statues will pay tribute to the fries from the frituur for a whole week,” it added. 

From 25 November to 1 December, statues in Middelkerke, Kortrijk, Mechelen, Leuven and Hasselt have been dressed up with a parcel of fries from the frituur for a week.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

Photos: weekvandefriet/VLAM