Belgian university faces backlash after moving exam to accommodate for law society ski trip
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Belgian university faces backlash after moving exam to accommodate for law society ski trip

Credit: Andrew Nash/Flickr.

The University of Liège faced backlash from its students earlier this month after it moved the date of an exam to accommodate a law society ski trip.

The commercial law exam for students in their third year of the bachelor degree normally takes place on 25 January.

“This is an exam known for its difficulty and its high failure rate. Between the previous test and this one, we only had four days to study. A short but reasonable break,” a student from the University of Liège told La Dernière Heure.

However, when law students received their examination timetable earlier this month, some of them were disgruntled to discover that the exam had been moved to 23 January, giving them less time for study during the examination period.

“We quickly realised that this change of date was due … to a winter sports trip organized by the Law Students Circle, so our study time was shortened to … allow a holiday for those who are most privileged,” the student explained.

Some students who were not involved in the ski trip reportedly carried out a survey and discovered that 86% of their classmates wanted the test to be rescheduled to the original date of 25 January.

In response, the University reportedly carried out consultations with students and decided to reschedule the date of the exam to 24 January.

“We found a balanced and reasonable compromise that takes into account the students’ legitimate interest in having as many days as possible to prepare for their exams [and] the good faith of a significant number of students who had reserved, before the publication of the examination schedule, a ski holiday commencing on 25 January,” explained Professor Yves-Henri Leleu, Dean of the University’s Faculty of Law.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times