Global Climate strike comes to Brussels: march will begin at Gare du Nord at 1:30 PM

Global Climate strike comes to Brussels: march will begin at Gare du Nord at 1:30 PM
Protesters also gathered at Gare du Nord in Brussels to kick off the third Global Climate strike in September. Credit: Evie McCullough/The Brussels Times.

The fourth Global Climate strike will take place in Brussels on Friday, with climate activists set to gather at Gare du Nord station and begin the march at around 1:30 PM.

The organisers of the strike in Belgium, Youth for Climate, Students for Climate and Workers for Climate, have confirmed that demonstrations will also take place in Namur, Antwerp, Ghent, Mechelen, Hasselt and Leuven.

In Brussels, the climate activists will march from Gare du Nord to Brussels-South station, a spokesperson from Youth for Climate told The Brussels Times.

Specifically, the activists will march from one station to the other via “Boulevard Roi Albert II, Boulevard du Jardin Botanique, Boulevard Pachéco, Boulevard de Berlaimont, Boulevard de l'Impératrice, Carrefour de l'Europe, Boulevard de l'Impératrice, Rue Infante Isabelle, Cantersteen, Boulevard de l'Empereur, Rue des Alexiens, Rue des Bogards, Place Fontainas, Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier, Boulevard Poincaré, Esplanade de l'Europe,” the spokesperson added.

Around 2,700 people have clicked 'interested' on the Facebook page for the climate strike in Brussels.

“Nice words from politicians still are not bringing the action that is needed. The bar must be raised - everyone's future [is at stake]!” United For Climate explain on their website.

A week later, on Sunday 8 December, climate NGOs will set up a human chain around Brussels, to coincide with the UN climate summit in Madrid.

COP25, initially scheduled to take place in Chile, will take place from 2 to 13 December in Madrid, Spain.

Evie McCullough

The Brussels Times

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